Protecting your Personal Information

Privacy Policy

Southern Iowa Insurance Services, Inc. values you as our customer. Providing excellent customer service and quality insurance service to you is our #1 priority. We are equally committed to protecting your nonpublic personal information that we obtain from you to provide accurate quotes and insurance policies to you.

Why do we collect the information and how do we use it?

We collect and use information for business purposes concerning the products and services we offer. We gather this information and share it with the insurance providers to assess your request for a quote, to evaluate your claim, to maintain an accurate insurance policy and to process any transactions relating to your policy. The insurance providers with whom we share your information protect your personal information and are subject to the same privacy laws. We gather all information and may use it strictly to assist in meeting your overall insurance needs. We may use it to determine additional programs or services that may be of benefit to you and your individual needs.


How do we collect the information?

Most of the information we collect comes directly from you. You give us this information to get a quote or to use on an application for insurance. Any information regarding the types of products or services we provide you, any account balances and payment history are strictly confidential.

We obtain some information from outside sources, including consumer reporting agencies and prior insurance providers. This information may include loss reports, motor vehicle reports and credit reports.


How do we protect your information?

Any information we gather to conduct business with you is kept confidential. We do not sell any information. Access is strictly limited to our employees for the use of administering, offering, servicing, processing or maintaining the products and services we provide to you. When we must share information with insurance providers, we expect those companies to use that information only to provide the services we have asked of them.


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